Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eco Fashion Chic

Did anyone ever say that eco fashion can't be sophisticated? We hope not, because globally and right at home there are more eco-friendly truly fashionable choices that ever before.

New eco fashions are created using organic cotton, hemp, silk, wool, and linen fabrics as well as some you may not have considered such as bamboo, soy and corn. And yes, the eco fashion industry is spawning a whole new range of fabrics such as lyocell[a soft, light fabric made from wood pulp] and Ecogir [made from recycled PET plastic bottles].

Add to the choices in new fabrics the abundant range of vintage fashions, recycled fashions and upcycled fashions all of which can add depth and personality to your wardrobe. Top your fashions off with a truly creative range of eco fashion accessories such as handbags made from natural fabrics, recycle fabrics and other innovative materials such as tires, aluminum pop tops, and candy wrappers. And you can choose jewelry made from recycled gold, silver and other metals, resins, beach glass and recycled costume jewelry.

Choosing eco fashions can become a fun and exciting part of living a sustainable lifestyle.

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